Agenda 18th May 2021

1. To elect a Chairman/Mayor.

2. To receive chairman’s Declaration of acceptance.

3. To elect Vice-Chairman/ Deputy Mayor.

4. To consider any applications for co-option to Alford Town Council.

5. To receive and accept apologies where valid reasons for absence have been given to the Town Clerk prior to the meeting.

6. To receive declarations of interest under the Localism Act 2011 – being any pecuniary interest in agenda items not previously recorded on Members’ Register of Interests and any written requests for dispensation.

7. To approve as a correct record the notes of the meeting of the Council held on 20 April 2021 and to authorise the Chairman to sign the official minutes. 

8. Table correspondence.

9. Clerks report .

10. Chairman’s Report.

11. Reports from outside bodies.

12. To appoint representatives on Workgroups/Committees 

13. Financial Matters:

a. To authorise Chairman’s allowance as set in the budget.

b. To authorise signatories for cheques. 

c. To approve dates of public rights notice.

d. To receive internal auditors report 

e. To approve Annual Governance Statement be signed by the chairman.

f. To approve Annual Return 20/21 year for signing by Chairman

g. To approve accounts for payment.

14. Update on Asset Transfers from Lincolnshire County Council.

15. Update on Asset Transfers from East Lindsey District Council.

16. To consider request from LCC to add verges at Wallaces Yard to verge maintenance schedule.

17. To consider extension to existing Grounds Maintenance Contracts.

18. To consider request from Mr M Tinn regarding a donation for a bench in Alford Cemetery.

19. To consider the purchase of a St Georges Flag.

20. Planning and Development to be considered.

a. N/003/00841/21  Former Bridgeways, Willoughby Road – Erection of a pair of semi-detached houses (Plot 2 and 2a) as an amendment to that previously approved. 

b. N/003/00797/21 9 West Street, Alford – Change of use of the existing shop to provide a dog grooming parlour.

21. Any Matters for general discussion or inclusion in next agenda.