Alford Windmill
Alford Windmill

Lincolnshire County Council has been working with Alford Town Council to safeguard the future of the town’s historic windmill.Initial structural safety works are due to be completed by the county council before the end of the year.

Then, in the New Year, Alford Town Council will begin working on the site, cottage and café, whilst the county council continue restoration works on the windmill building itself.Once all the building repairs have been completed, the county council will transfer the windmill over to Alford Town Council.

The town council will then grant a lease to the newly formed Alford Windmill Trust for it to operate the windmill site on a day-to-day basis.

Alford Windmill is an important local landmark and heritage site, and by placing it in the hands of the local community, we can secure the future of the site and allow more people to discover the town’s history.