The Code requires that all Principal Authorities publicise specified categories of data, and recommends the publication of additional data, under the headings below. For Town and Parish Councils this is not enforceable by law for those with a budget below £6.5m, but is regarded as best practice. 

Expenditure exceeding £500 (payments are listed in the document section below)

Data on the land and buildings held by the authority;

Currently this is the cemetery including the lodge on Farlesthorpe Road and the Town Council Office and Focal Point at 5-6 South Market Place

Information on invitations to tender/quote with a value of over £5,000;

None current

Details of every transaction on a Government Procurement Card;

The Council currently does not use proecurement cards

Grants to voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations: dates made and amounts granted;

(payments are listed in the document section below)

The authority’s organisation chart, covering the top three levels in the organisation, including salary bands;

The Town Council currently has 5 staff. Due to the small size of the workforce, salary details are not published here as personal details could be identified. Monthly total payments are published in the Council minutes each month. 

Details of trade union facility time: number of representatives and spending upon them;


Data on parking revenues;


The number of controlled parking spaces within their area;


Data on the value of the authority’s social housing stock;

The Council does not have a social housing stock

Data on senior salaries 

All employees fall below the threshold requiring publication



Documents are available for years prior to those included on this site. Should you wish to view these please contact us to arrange an appointment to inspect them.

Payments over £500 – Alford Town Council (

Donations Made by Alford Town Council – Alford Town Council (