Donations and Grants

Grants & Donations

This policy aims to simplify and quality assure Alford Town Council’s procedures for ‘donation’ and ‘grant’ making. We make no differentiation between ‘Grants’ and ‘Donations’ but acknowledge that the latter is the usual form of award. For reasons of accountability it is necessary to formalise the application process to ensure access, openness and fairness to the many groups and organisations which we are asked to support. The policy is formed by a number of key principles aimed at making our process more robust and user friendly.


To ensure that all our award making activity is,

  • Open
  • Transparent
  • Fair
  • Competitive
  • Supports local organisations

Our yearly budgeting process is completed in November/December and offers for the following financial year cannot be made until Council approves the budget estimates, usually in January. Our awards are open to established voluntary or community groups, as well as new or informal groups of parishioners who are or intend by the date of application to become formally constituted.


To be eligible for an award an organisation must,

  • Be established for charitable, benevolent, social, cultural, recreational or philanthropic purposes
  • Be able to provide a copy of its latest annual accounts and/or most recent Bank Statement. Accounts are to be checked and signed by a person independent of the Group


The project should be something that makes the local community a better place in which to live, work or visit.

It should benefit people who live in the Parish.

There must be clear evidence that local people support the project and are involved in carrying it out.

Applications do not have to be from Groups that already exist. Help will be given to new or informal groups of people who have come together to undertake new projects and priority will be given to those who are doing something which adds value, rather than applications for running costs.

Each group may only make one application per financial year.

Preference will be given to local groups.



  • Support for individuals or private business projects.
  • Projects that are the prime statutory responsibility of other government bodies.
  • Projects that simply replace existing facilities with no significant improvement.
  • Projects that improve or benefit privately owned land or property.


Unfortunately, we may not be able to fund all projects, as there may be more applications than there is money available. However, all applications will be considered carefully. They will be assessed based on the following criteria: -

  • General eligibility
  • Community Support
  • Value for Money
  • Environmental impact
  • Community Involvement
  • Impact on key local need
  • Feasibility
  • Likely effectiveness

After Receipt of Grant

Organisations awarded grants for specific capital expenditure must produce proof of that expenditure within 6 months of award of grant.

Any grant not spent within 6 months must be returned.

Non-capital expenditure – i.e. for an event or forming a new community group, must be returned if the event is not held or the group not formed.

Evidence of the benefit to the community from the grant must be submitted to the Council within 6 months of expenditure.

The Town Council must be included in any publicity material.

Alford Town Council reserves the right to vary the application of this Policy in circumstances where significant economic benefit to the district is demonstrated.